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~Upcoming gifts for "maybe" unexpecting TRUE friends of mines.

Possible Random gifts for true friends of mines.

and much more to my timing ability. :thanks:

Currently working on:

Rumor design for:
Progress Bar 03 by Pikishi

Special commission:
Progress Bar 02 by Pikishi

Mariah and Dr. Kill Joy for:
Progress Bar 03 by Pikishi

Progress Bar 01 by Pikishi

I ONLY do work for friends and claim copyrights to former friends,which is why I don't do work for people who aren't potential life long friends,so if you don't want to loose what's yours,don't ask me to do any art of your character(s),thank you.

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Random Favourites

:+fav: of my friends work! ^^

Also :+fav: from other random anime and sonic artist.


The FUNNIEST Comment I have ever seen: :XD:

Yo :iconimmaletyoufinishplz: I'm really happy for you Imma let you finish but :iconinterruptingkanyeplz: is the best :iconkanyeplz: of all time! OF ALL TIME!…






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Treasure those who love you~
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Current News:

My friendship is open to anyone who wants it.. new friends I do not know yet as well as old friends who chose to no longer want my friendship...

Fake Friends Stamp by MissBezz


Peaches makes me smile and happy~:heart:
That's all I can tell you right now... peaches and sunshine makes me smile!! c:

Seeking friendships... so if you're looking for friendship too... you've come to the right place to build one with. I need some (good) friends to make up for the ones who don't even care...
Of course.. keep in mind I don't really consider anyone friends who aren't even watching me (when it applies to here).. so keep that in mind too before calling me a friend or new friend to you~

Before watching me... you need to read this: (Just read the summary below this link)

Summarizing what's up there without reading all of that ... unless you are going to be a "watcher for life"... please DON'T watch me... because if you do watch me... and THEN unwatch me(so disrespectful) ... you will get the same treatment in return .. and possibly even blocked depending on who you are/the conversations that we've had (if any).
I frown upon those who watches a bunch of people just to get a bunch of watchers and then unwatch most of the people (because of their "bad work" in their terms of words) ... even those who supposedly might call you a "friend"... That's not cool... no dA artist wants to find their watcher numbers shorter than it once were... so please don't bring it to me... please? Thanks!
(I will be checking my list often... so don't be surprised if I come to you about this... or.. just take action...)

So for those who are wondering why you're blocked... now you know...
More to be discussed "outside of deviantART"...

But watch me/not watching me... don't matter... however it still remains I don't "exactly" consider anyone that isn't watching me/on their "internal" friendslist friends to me... that still remains... so if you're not watching me and you are calling me a friend... I don't take you seriously...
Even if you talk to me daily... if I am not on your "internal" friendslist ... I am not a friend to you...


I am just your average nice feline from Ohio...

I'm pretty cool,pretty nice,and I am someone who is always there for a friend in need,and that's money on the table indeed! ^^

I am:

Love those who loves me..
Give a friend the same in return as they gave me..
(No matter the distance)

Relationship Status:

My Baby:
:rose: :heart: :rose: :heart: :rose:
:rose: :heart: :rose: :heart: :rose:

Holds my heart & has my love forever~:heart:
I love you so very much!!


I love my friends,all of my real friends who are always there for me,through both thick and thin,who has never turned their backs on me,as I have never turned my back on them.

(Other than the obvious~:heart:)

:bulletblue:Nice people ♥

:bulletblue:FAST CARS

:bulletblue:Video Games
(MMORPG / Wrestling Games or just games where I'm creating a character of some kind)
(Art of many kinds as well as friendships)


:bulletblue:People who actually takes the time to talk with me...

:bulletblue:Caring People

:bulletblue:Those who love me
(and shows it)

:bulletblue:French Toast

(Those are,people who actually talk with me and help me as I help them and not just know me...)


:bulletblue: Hedgie Girls (HYPAH) ~

:bulletblue: Sweet girls ♥

:bulletblue:Having a gf who actually loves me and cares for me (and shows it).
[Pretty much like an average gf/bf relationship,which isn't much at all]

:bulletyellow: When I'm told those rare words rarely said to me... of course it also has to be meant or it doesn't mean anything..

:bulletblue:Other things I can't think of right now.


:bulletred: My life,for most!!!!!!!!!! </3

:bulletred: My incapability of others being able to "actually" love me...

:bulletred: Unwatchers.. (Especially when they're "friends")

:bulletred:That "Real Life" ("RL" or "IRL") term being used when referring to people you know FACE TO FACE ("F2F") vs. those you have only met on "SOCIAL COMMUNITIES!" Please don't say "IRL" with me because if you claim to be friends with me,I will question your motives... I prefer the term face to face (F2F),please!

:bulletred:Anyone who knows me well knows this,but I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE being ignored and looked over,it isn't just RUDE it's annoying and upsetting.

:bulletred:I don't like when no one is talking with me,it is annoying and makes me want to jump into the lake.

:bulletred:I don't like little comments,or mainly those periods without no words or me being criticized for the things I am saying,when I am not speaking against anyone.

:bulletred:Those "one word" (or very short) comments/replies/text messages/ect. especially when you give a GOOD comment/reply and then all that you get back is a "yea" or "?" or "oh" or "what" one of the worse... "ok" after you have said something that was anything but ok ... It's not just a reply killer,but they are very annoying,sorry to say,but they are. D:
(I may not reply back to one of those type of responses... or reply back asking you something about what you just said in a question... but more likely,I won't reply back since your efforts to care didn't matter.)
~Ironically there is a "3 word phrase" I love being told and that phrases is rarely said when applying to me.

:bulletred::bulletred: Bluntly said... when people JUST say "ok" (or "yeah" or "oh") in a response... it's as bad as saying nothing at all...

:bulletred:Being disrespected in any matter.



(I can't stress that enough)


:bulletred:RACISM!!!!! :rage:
(by the way,you CAN'T be fully American or love America if you are racist .... *snickers*)
I cannot STRESS enough on this,please don't associate with me in ANY way nor join any of my groups if you are racist!!


(That means,being ignored)


(That means,being ignored!)

:bulletred:BEING IGNORED!!!!!!!!!

:bulletred:SNOW ON THE ROADS!!!!!!! D:<

:bulletred:Those "..." that some people do without words,it's annoying to me and others who don't tell you.
(Check the 6th dislike)

:bulletred:People who plays with others feelings,meaning saying things you don't really mean,it's annoying!!

:bulletred:BEING USED!!
(Usually meaning by a girl,but by people in general. This includes girls 'not saying any names' that has problems with their boyfriend,and then when things are "ok" they used you up and no longer needs you and then starts ignoring you as you never existed... [Talk about evil and cruel])
(I am speaking about one girl in pacific who's done this to me recently. D:< )

:bulletred: Unfeeling uncaring soulless gutless MONSTERS who has no care for anyone's feelings or who they hurt in the process!!!

:bulletred: "Friends" who leaves dA not understanding the hurt that they put on their other friends and this is the ONLY way to talk with them. (That HURTS!) ):
[I might take breaks... but NEVER do I leave completely... BIG DIFFERENCE!!
I am not selfish,so selfish I will leave the friends I have here and have them miss me...]

:bulletred: "Excessive" swearing/cursing.
~Unless used in a "joke & funny manner" or someone is truly angry,if it's used as your 'normal use of words',it can be extremely bothersome after a few times... I might not tell you that it's bothering me,or never bring it up,but trust me,it is bothering me. Sorry. D:

:bulletred:'EXTREME' VIOLENCE!!
(Even if it's not real...)
I don't want to have to explain what I "really" mean when I say 'EXTREME'... it's another word for it,I just rather not say it...

:bulletred: Those "so-called" friends who unwatches you because they were never friends with you in the first place... they were monsters!! Unfeeling gutless MONSTERS!!
(You all know who you all too...)
~That doesn't just apply on deviantART either... anywhere I have an account at..

:bulletred: Last but not least... the "over usage" of the ^^; emote ... there is no need to sweat when you're talking with me. ;P

:bulletred: Excessive excuses of why someone isn't talking to me... I just take it as you DON'T wanna talk with me... >< Especially when I can "see" you talking with others but avoiding me... that applies to those I'm suppose to be close with... *sighs*


I'm cool and usually nice but keep in mind I am also "partly" human too and things bug me like anyone else,the difference with me though is that I will tell you when I'm being annoyed about something ... I won't just not say anything or just discuss it with someone else before I've talked to you first about it ... unless you're ignoring me... But I'll tell you none of the less... but other than that... PLEASE be nice and I will be even more nice to you~

I WILL BELIEVE YOU DON'T LIKE ME IF YOU JUST IGNORE ME WITHOUT REASON AFTER I HAVE TRIED TO EITHER SPEAK TO YOU,OR YOU IGNORE A 'KIND' COMMENT I HAVE MADE TO YOU,among many other things... You can't just "tell me" we are friend,you have to show it... just like you show your other friends that you are friends with them!


I however,though I don't usually want no one to know,but I have to memory of a 8000 Terabyte system running 8000 Terabytes of RAM waiting to explode the second my mind has been tampered with because my 8000 THz processor of a mind is highly unmatched and highly misunderstood.


Comment Made to:






Most of my friends (Those I watch over): (ABC order)

:iconastronovi: ~:heart::star:
:iconbeckyfav23: ~:star:
:iconcaffeinatedcremator: (Twin)
:iconcalyste: ~:star:
:iconchippen202: / :iconmunekos: ~:star:
:icondarkdragonpulse19: ~:star:
:icondreamersdust32: ~:star:
:icondreamswithinme: ~:star:
:iconee200: / :iconcake-addict: ~:star:
:iconeternalsora: ~:star:
:iconfirst-time-artist: ~:star:
:icongreenpandicorn: ~:star:
:icongummigrenades: / :iconliarchy: [1/2]
:iconhedgiegirl: ~:star:
:iconkennychii: ~:star:
:iconkhc1000: ~:star:
:iconkyarolann: (Twin)
:iconleechana: ~:star:
:iconmangadreams: ~:star:
:iconmegashadowmew: ~:star:
:iconmissparisboo: ~:star:
:iconnissthehedgehog: ~:star:
:iconnumanuma306: ~:star:
:iconpinkrosey14: ~:star:
:iconthemidnightmage: ~:star:
:iconvlower::iconvlowerty: ~:star:
:iconxhells-angel09x: ~:star:
:iconyesenix: ~:star:

(I'll update this list when I can... there are others who deserves to be up there.. but before I update,I'm going to study people's pages FIRST... among other little things I must see before I do any fixes... )

[My friendslist is "collaborated" with others list to explain things more "clear"... my list is "updated" from that too... I'll be watching...]

-Normally people who don't even watch me aren't really considered a friend to me anyway... so keep that in mind too.
(That also includes if you move accounts and don't watch me as you watch your other friends...)

The :heart:s ,:star:s and even the ?'s and !'s have a meaning,but does not mean someone's "ranked over" another,just so you know...

The stars means friends I have met,or will meet (meaning,in person,or face to face (F2F) it's better than saying that "IRL" BS people keep on saying,it's insulting,so I use stars),to clear up any confusion... if you want to meet me then just speak with me,and you will too have a star next to your avatar.

People that you would want to avoid (Optional) (ABC order) :

...Coming soon...

(Some of you already know who anyway.. )

The people listed here are experienced by me to be bad people and are known to not make your deviantART experience a pleasant... and I'm here to look out for you all to make sure your deviantART experience is a pleasant fun and friendly one. Of course... avoiding them is completely optional..


:star: TEAMS :star:

Active Teams:

~The Awesome Duo

~Team Awesome Stars :star:

~Team Firestorm

*I don't mind joining anymore LOYAL teams!

Inactive Teams:

~Team Ru'Nega


~The X Fighters!:meow:
(I'm Co. Leader)

~Team Extreme

~Team Purple Dragon Hybrid!!! ><

~Team X

All Teams Listed are "confirmed" teams and are in order of when the teams where created.
There were other teams,but none really have been made "official" sort to speak,or not listed,which in some cases,are the "inactive teams" as well.

If you want in a team with me,just let me know. :thanks:

Linked Icons:

Triple rave icon 2 - PC by TheMidnightMage



For all who has gave me a llama badge,I thank you for the Llama love~:heart:

Llama 4 Llama Stamp by DJCatt

Llama Club by easydisplayname Super Llama Club by easydisplayname Albino Llama Club by easydisplayname Super Albino Llama Club by easydisplayname

For the other people I gave my Llama's to (not listed)... I would like my Llama's back please... D':

Awesome Couple Link Avatars Found:



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╚╝╚══╩╝╚╝♥╚╝Support Furries

deviantART Member BadgePremium Member Badge
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I use only 1 of those mainly.. "if" I'm around long enough. The option is open for those who want to talk with me outside of dA...

Note: Depends on who you are to me/how close we are/how often we talk/how you talk with me on here..


LiveJournal | Twitter | YouTube | Facebook | IMVU

:flaguk:                                                                     :flagus:

My special thanks to... (I'll Remember...)

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 12:25 PM
I want to once again come on here and thank these certain folks and friends for thinking of me and caring enough to wish me a Happy Birthday which I've mentioned before means a whole whole lot to me... I said it "another way" once before... but I'll just say it like that this time considering...

But for those who thought and/or cared to come by to me on my day 'that where around' ... my thank's goes out to these people (in order) :


On Day:
:iconkhc1000: x2
:iconkyarolann: (Twin) FB ~ Happy Birthday to you!
:iconcaffeinatedcremator: (Twin) ~ Happy Birthday to you!
:iconxxburning-heartsxx: i
:iconastronovi: (IM)
:iconpinkrosey14: (IM)

Good Timing:
:iconvanvan-chan525: i
:iconhaleythecat: i
:iconpz-crew: i

Yeah yeah I know... a lot smaller than last time... but hey.. what are you gonna do...? Nothing out of the ordinary... ><
Anyway... my thanks goes out to those names I mentioned... and again... it meant A LOT to me that you guys 'who could' say something ... I will remember...

But other than that... I'm clearing most of my reply messages that I currently have and putting them somewhere safe... so I'll just be talking to individuals when I can that may have messaged me prior to me clearing my messages ... well at least those who I believe care which isn't many... I'm still kind of 'inactive' around here.. So I'll talk with those who care when I can.. and other than that... you all take care..

Be patient with my slow replies to those who talks with me or will talk with me... thank you...

I cannot believe that someone would unwatched me/blocked me for thanking friends for something that they did nice for me which I considered to be thoughtful... but it's happened... I won't be surprised if it happens again... people are.. as a friend of mines say... 'weird and stupid...' she said that.. (I just agreed with it)  but anyway... to unwatch/block me for thanking who I recognized to do something for me do seem as what my friend was saying "about that subject" ...

God is real by JonoLucerne Will Firebend If... Stamp by z-lady
science is... by Kish-Kashi Truth vs. Opinion II by sakumoon
I Support Those Who.... by DJCatt

SAY NO TO RACISM by Numizmat Stamp: Anti-Racist 03 by emerlyrose
STOP RACISM_ text edition by stop-racism Color Matters... by WillDBill
Human Race Stamp by japanthewoman 
Anti-Racism Stamp by SladinForever I hate racism stamp by MoonGoddess72
Anti-racism Stamp by Avell-Angel

Interracial Love Support by Metadream ~

Friends stamp by Meddle689 

I Support Those Who... by DJCatt Comment Stamp by Poiizu
Reply Button by AlisaChristopher Love Comments Stamp by Garetiem
 Stamp by Kataang-furuba 
No Messages for joo stamp by xXThe-Ice-ReaperXx Comment Stamp by Blackie0275

Won't Complain Stamp by KHC1000

ignored by soapboxfactory 

Eastern AND Western animation stamp by GoPatchy

Friends ARE Family: Stamp by Katze-Cat-KuroNeko FRIENDS STAMP by emo-city
Stamp: Signature by maff130

Love by Wearwolfaa
I love cute things stamp by mfcreative I Love U by Wearwolfaa
I Love to Love by Sedma
I Love to be Loved by Sedma I Love to be in Love by Sedma
I love my Friends by Sedma I love Hugs by Sedma
I Love Kisses by Sedma Kiss me by Sedma
Kiss You Stamp by 5ft-2-Eyes-of-Blue
.Stamp. Hug Me by KillMePleaseGod .Stamp. Kiss Me by KillMePleaseGod

Kiss stamp by Jackobi
Love For Love Stamp by KHC1000
love is love stamp by FeMailleTurtle
Stamp - I Believe in True Love by Zezkah
True Love Never Fades Stamp by DJCatt

+ + Stamp + + by eikosalia Everyone Can Draw stamp. by the-emo-detective

The Money Stamp by Busiris The STAMP by pyromancy

insane stamp by Aggrotard 

Sega Stamp by JazzaX .:.Playstation Stamp.:. by xEternaLTwilighTx

Secretly- stamp by StarscreamsGirl12

Llama 4 Llama Stamp by DJCatt

---Star! Series Support:
Bleach stamp by sugarblueberry
Nel Stamp by aemyth 
Avatar stamp by Jeff2psycoBishounen Naruto by DemonKaizoku
Dragon Ball Z Kai Stamp by Dbzbabe
Tails Stamp 2 by NoNamepje

---Star! Characters Support:
Rune Stamp by DJCatt

Hyper stamp by Astronovi
Angel stamp by AngelCopperfield 

  • Listening to: TV & Background Music
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  • Watching: You who's viewing this journal...
  • Playing: Grand Theft Auto V / Audition Online / YuGiOh BAM!
  • Eating: N/A
  • Drinking: Almond Milk (Vanilla)


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Notice to visitors:
Like I mentioned before,I will not ever leave deviantART... but until further notice,as of November 15th,2010,I will not be on to comment,reply or anything else for a while... but feel free to donate me some points for when I come back,please!?
Thank you. :thanks:

Please just give me time... I need to sort things out within myself that will never be sorted out.


Points for:

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I will also "create-a-character" (Usually a Mobian) for anyone as well too. Something like "Adoption" accept I create your character(s) fresh!

Commission Others -
(I love to see what others (and you) can do with their art skills and draw my characters in their art style)

Miscellaneous -
(Whatever else I can do to help out others the best way that I can)

Limit of Time Offer~ Donating me more than 10 points will get you a comment on 1 of your submissions of random.

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Donating points to me helps others out who needs the help,rather it's me or another in need.

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bunnyrabbot 15 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you soooooo much for the fave!!! :hug:
It really means a lot to me!!! :thanks:
kckitten 1 day ago  Student General Artist
thx for the fav
Job-Azumi 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you very much for your fav!
Hi there~

You're very welcome. I like your work and felt it deserved a spot in my :+fav:collection~ :thanks:
Pooh hey you had a birthday too!! I'm so sorry I didn't wish you a happy birthday, I've been bad about that's been rough as you know.
I'm sorry again but happy late birthday all the same ^^;?
Yes I did... you actually spoke to me on that day...

In your case and what you've been through I'd understand why... so despite that you spoke to me on that day I don't hold it against you...
Unfortunately for most of everyone else who didn't really care to say nothing to me.. and it was a lot of people who didn't I kid you not... some even "skipped" me... I found that to be very hurtful to me... especially when I was having a horrible day as it was... so all of that together puts some serious negative effects on me... to the point that I'm keeping my distance because I might just say something very unpleasant to some/most people...
Ah well... this year I just will not say much... and maybe people catch me next year?
Actually people more been keeping their distance from me so they don't even have a clue... unless they read my comments..
I'd tell people things to them directly... but if they don't talk to me how can I..?

I apologize to say all of this to you but I'm build with hurt and anger together about this... but I cannot go off on you about it.. and I won't.. but just speaking my mind anyway... again my apologies about my annoying venting..
Nah no apologies necessary. I apologize double, I'm built up and angry about certain things in my life too.

Maybe instead of being silent, you should be louder. I know that if you talk to me every other day I'm probably going to respond within the week. I don't reply everyday because quite frankly, everyday for 4 months has been a nightmare for me...but I do talk. And I know I'm not the only one that would respond often.
AsiaOneMoon 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for adding my journal to your favs. :)
Hi there~

You're very welcome. When doing random things I ran into your journal and when I got to reading it... I have a complete relation and full understanding to it... it hit right there to home (even as we speak) so I just had to :+fav: it.
AsiaOneMoon 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I am glad to hear that, thank you. ^ ^
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