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~Upcoming gifts for "maybe" unexpecting TRUE friends of mines.

Possible Random gifts for true friends of mines.

and much more to my timing ability. :thanks:

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Rumor design for:
Progress Bar 03 by Pikishi

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Progress Bar 02 by Pikishi

Mariah and Dr. Kill Joy for:
Progress Bar 03 by Pikishi

Progress Bar 01 by Pikishi

I ONLY do work for friends and claim copyrights to former friends,which is why I don't do work for people who aren't potential life long friends,so if you don't want to loose what's yours,don't ask me to do any art of your character(s),thank you.

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Treasure those who love you~
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Honestly when people say that they don't "ignore" anyone... they are not always being honest about that... :no:

Hated by people I cared about...

People abandoning me.... I tend to wonder who's next..?

Those who abandoned me where those who I were closest too... now no longer talks with me and ignores me at every given wing... :'(

To Fellow Christians:
Remember.... it is NOT Christian-like to ignore another.... that's to those of you who say that you are a Christian...No... Christians and people alike are not perfect... but it's just "some things" a Christian will not do.. and hurting someone in "that way" isn't one of them... keep that in mind...
So... if you "are" a Christian who HURTS people in that matter... then we have some things to discuss then...

It's "funny" when someone can tell you to do something that they themselves didn't do nor wasn't willing to do...

Quick notes to new watchers:
If you watch me... yes I will watch you back.. as well as "vise versa.." .. just so you know before hand...

Do not ask me to watch you... please? If you want me to watch you... just watch me...

And please I ask kindly to not "Watch-leech" me.. I mean to watch me because I'll watch you back.. and then unwatch me ... it's pretty annoying and very disrespectful to the artist/member.. and from what I seen from others.. it's hurtful to them... so please don't watch me then unwatch me just so you can have an extra watcher.. I will know as I do pay attention to everyone that "I" watch.. thank you in advance.. :no:
Please don't be disrespectful...

My list of friends:
Coming back at some point... it will be also based on those who considers me a friend as well...(aka.. your list... I check them all... :hmm:)


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First before I go on... just want to say sorry...

This is more of an update of the last journal... rather anyone cares or not... most people don't care and why would they care? 

But for the small few who do care... I'm going to literally just be gone from here... for a very very long time... I'm just beyond hurt and in pain to be around here anymore... to those who care... most people don't... 

That someone who was out to hurt me succeeded in it... and I'm not gonna go into details like this... "person" would do... but the point is... he and his wicket ways beat me and hurt me in ways I cannot describe ... with his poisoning and demonizing and his witchcraft... mean being...

I at this point don't want to speak on what's wrong and again... if you know me well enough... you already know what's wrong without me saying a word... but it's much deeper than before. 
I don't wish to speak about "everything's going to be ok" because it isn't going to be ok... not at all... 

For those who are happy of my soon departure... just because you beat me in this life and world with your poison tongue of a demon do not mean that you will be left unpunished for this... rather you believe in it or not... it's going to happen... because there is Someone who knows the pain I am going through and why... 

I have physical health problems as well that's related to what's been going on and I've been very sick... anyone who's physically seen me already know what that is... to whom even cares..

Anyway... you all be happy... live your lives... and maybe we will see each other on the flip side... everyone else... not so likely...

I'm beyond hurt to be around here anymore... more pain than you can imagine... and remember... there is someone very happy about this... happy about my pain and glad that it happened... that person as well as Satan and his will... Satan is a powerful and evil being who controls people... even those who don't believe he exist...

That happy person who was once me that you might of got to see for a bit.... that person is dead! You won't see that person anymore... never again... and I'm not just talking... I don't "just talk"... 

Anyway... farewell... and this time... you will not be seeing me anytime soon... I apologize to anyone who cared.... 
  • Mood: Miserable
  • Listening to: Nothing...
  • Reading: The things people gets away with...
  • Watching: The wrong get away with things when being wrong...
  • Playing: Final Fantasy XI / YuGiOh BAM / Grand Theft Auto V
  • Eating: Nothing at all.. literally.. I can't eat like this
  • Drinking: Nothing at all... I'm ill...


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Notice to visitors:
Like I mentioned before,I will not ever leave deviantART... but until further notice,as of November 15th,2010,I will not be on to comment,reply or anything else for a while... but feel free to donate me some points for when I come back,please!?
Thank you. :thanks:

Please just give me time... I need to sort things out within myself that will never be sorted out.


Points for:

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I will also "create-a-character" (Usually a Mobian) for anyone as well too. Something like "Adoption" accept I create your character(s) fresh!

Commission Others -
(I love to see what others (and you) can do with their art skills and draw my characters in their art style)

Miscellaneous -
(Whatever else I can do to help out others the best way that I can)

Limit of Time Offer~ Donating me more than 10 points will get you a comment on 1 of your submissions of random.

Donating me 50 will get you a comment to one of your submissions of YOUR choice.

Donating points to me helps others out who needs the help,rather it's me or another in need.

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rainbowmusicangel Featured By Owner Edited Nov 13, 2014  Student Artist
okay something really wrong ._.''
explain?? I'm kinda worried about you man :(
DJCatt Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014
I'm sorry..
Yes things are really wrong..
I've not been well physically as I've been sick and I'm still not 100%..
That and everything else that's bothering me emotionally.. yes all of the above is affecting my activity which I apologize about..
I apologize to you (and anyone else who may come across this message) for my slow replies for all of the above reasons.. but more so me not being well.. so I'm not really doing much..
Again thank you for checking up on me... not everyone will do that..
rainbowmusicangel Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014  Student Artist
it's okay I understand :huggle:
just making sure your there, not dead or something, etc.
I always end up thinking the worst so I wanted to check again.
DJCatt Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014
I'm sorry... I didn't want to worry you... :c
Well yes I am currently alive (just not 100%) ... but I appreciate that you'd check up on me... a second time even more so... now that doesn't happen often.. and I do appreciate you for doing such a thing for lil' ol' me. :huggle:
(1 Reply)
rainbowmusicangel Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Student Artist
is everything okay? you don't usually take so long to reply,
are you okay??
DJCatt Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014
*Hugs you tightly for checking up on me and being concerned*

I truly do appreciate that you would check up on me as you did here... that means a lot to me. :hug:
I do apologize for taking "much longer" to get back to you and others... things definitely are wrong more so than usual..
All I just ask is for prayers.. that is all I'll ask for.. :huggle:
Thank you for showing to care just by coming on here as you did.
rainbowmusicangel Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Student Artist
checking up on you is something I shouldn't be thanked for,
that's what friends are for :hug:
what's going on? :?
DJCatt Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014
Only a friend would say such a sweet thing... but I do thank you because not many friends.. at least many I've known throughout life would check on me... but you... you actually checked up on me and I appreciate it so much.. I appreciate you so much... you checked up on me!! :huggle:

As for what's going on... it's family related issues... ><
(1 Reply)
eokoi Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch :heart:
DJCatt Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014
Why what a lovely surprise to be rewarded by such a wonderful artist to come to my profile to thank me for watching her.
You are most welcome... I do very much love your work and the style of how you do your work.. it is definitely idolized by me... so I did the very "uncommon" thing for me to do and I gave you a very rare watch. I truly love your work and I hope to continue to see everything that you have to offer.
Truly a delight to my eyes I must say and I thank YOU for the gift and pleasure of offering your talents to the world here~:thanks: :heart:
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