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~Upcoming gifts for "maybe" unexpecting TRUE friends of mines.

Possible Random gifts for true friends of mines.

and much more to my timing ability. :thanks:

Currently working on:

Rumor design for:
Progress Bar 03 by Pikishi

Special commission:
Progress Bar 02 by Pikishi

Mariah and Dr. Kill Joy for:
Progress Bar 03 by Pikishi

Progress Bar 01 by Pikishi

I ONLY do work for friends and claim copyrights to former friends,which is why I don't do work for people who aren't potential life long friends,so if you don't want to loose what's yours,don't ask me to do any art of your character(s),thank you.

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deviation in storage by v-16

:+fav: of my friends work! ^^

Also :+fav: from other random anime and sonic artist.


The FUNNIEST Comment I have ever seen: :XD:

Yo :iconimmaletyoufinishplz: I'm really happy for you Imma let you finish but :iconinterruptingkanyeplz: is the best :iconkanyeplz: of all time! OF ALL TIME!…






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Treasure those who love you~
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:star: There are some people don't want you thanking them for "this" "this" or "that"... I actually do NOT mind those thank yous at all... in fact,I insist.. let's me know that you're considerate and have a "voice"..


Jaja...yeah right... don't lie... it will be a lie if it's even 1 that says that they do/did... I just have this up here just for the heck of it.. just for fun..

People enjoys hurting me and ignoring me.....
(Only truly evil people will ignore another person...)

~Current icon and character created and designed by:

First I want to say..
To friends only.. If you must address me.. I prefer that you call me by my name... if you do not know my name for some reason then just call me either Catt (or Kitty even depending on who you are) or even Rune is acceptable to me.. or any other acceptable nick name is ok.. referring to me to anything but those (as in,"titles".. ) I prefer that you do not.. please..?

:bulletred: I would rather you not ask me "How am I doing" or anything equivalent to that.. because if you're there for me,you'd already know the answer to that without even asking... :c
You asking me that is kind of a reminder that you kind of have deserted me.. to have a better understanding of why I wouldn't want that answered other than me not wanting to say something that will bring YOUR day down,because I don't want to really bring your day down with my obvious response to that question... please...?
Colorful Sad Emoticono by Sashaluh

:bulletred:Some may refer to themselves as "kind" ... but kind people do not ignore you or your messages... no... a kind person would not throw your message away after reading the message... ><
:bulletblue:A kind person.. a truly kind person would acknowledge you and be respectful towards you...
So.. are you truly a kind person..? Or one of those mean people who ignores people and throws someone's message away after reading it?
:bulletyellow:I am a kind person who embraces being kind..

"One who's considered scum sometimes are scum,that is true,but when someone who have "ever" called themselves your "friend" abandons you.. they are always far worse than scum.."

If I ever called you a friend to me,then I will not abandon you because I have a heart,no matter how you really view me as a person..

Honestly when people say that they don't "ignore" anyone... they are not always being honest about that... :no:

Hated by people I cared about...

A person telling me that they're "busy" when they're talking with others .. code phrase: "They really don't want to be bothered with me right now..."

People abandoning me.... I tend to wonder who's next..?

Those who abandoned me where those who I were closest too... now no longer talks with me and ignores me at every given wing... :'(

To Fellow Christians:
Remember.... it is NOT Christian-like to ignore another.... that's to those of you who say that you are a Christian...No... Christians and people alike are not perfect... but it's just "some things" a Christian will not do.. and hurting someone in "that way" isn't one of them... keep that in mind...
So... if you "are" a Christian who HURTS people in that matter... then we have some things to discuss then...

It's "funny" when someone can tell you to do something that they themselves didn't do nor wasn't willing to do...

Quick notes to new watchers:
If you watch me... yes I will watch you back.. as well as "vise versa.." .. just so you know before hand...

Do not ask me to watch you... please? If you want me to watch you... just watch me...

To those who may call themselves friends to me:
If you're not watching (befriending) me (back).. no I cannot say that we are friends...

And please I ask kindly to not "Watch-leech" me.. I mean to watch me because I'll watch you back.. and then unwatch me ... it's pretty annoying and very disrespectful to the artist/member.. and from what I seen from others.. it's hurtful to them... so please don't watch me then unwatch me just so you can have an extra watcher.. I will know as I do pay attention to everyone that "I" watch.. thank you in advance.. :no:
Please don't be disrespectful...

:bulletred: Lastly and this is equally as important..
1 word/very short replies (not the be confused with "comments") are not smiled upon. After taking the time to write someone and then all that they say is "yeah" or "ok" or even "I see" can very much seem as if you don't want to talk,and I'll take it as such...
It do take time out of my day to care enough to reply to YOU... no you don't have to write back as much as I do,not at all... but at least reply to me in a way that seemed as if you cared about what I had to say to you... please..? :c Just a proper sentence works.. it don't have to be to my level of a reply,but at least say more than "yeah","ok"... "I see.." or something else that lacks effort on your part to care... if you're not a talker,I can get that... but this is a "social" community after all.. D:
I would have to question "what are you talking about" considering I tend to cover multiple things in one reply.. other times I just won't say anything else because those are looked upon as "ended conversations" or like I said,you just didn't want to talk with me in the first place... I don't like bothering people who don't want to be bothered... DX
Just as messaging people who I have "pending" replies.. though they really just deleted my message... :/
Very "polite" indeed... :no:
I had to address this matter once again..

My list of friends:
Coming back at some point... it will be also based on those who considers me a friend as well...(aka.. your list... I check them all... :hmm:)


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2015 Meme...

Borrowed from :iconmacaron-princess:

1. Was 2015 a good year for you? Why?

Nope. The reasons of my downfall in 2014 is why...
(It's not that it happened in 2014... it's the fact that it is ongoing...)

2. What was your favorite moment of the year?

When I became "self-made" of the start of something...

3. What was your least favorite moment of the year?

Living another day in the same circle of nothing since 2014...

4. Where were you when 2015 began?

I was here in this same mode...

5. Who were you with?

By myself...

6. Where will you be when 2015 ends?

Here again..

7. Who will you be with when 2015 ends?

No one... again...

8. Did you keep your New Year's Resolutions of 2015?

I didn't make one... I was dead...

9. Do you have New Year's Resolution(s) for 2016?

Nope,not really... nothing good will happen anyway...

10. Did you fall in love in 2015?


11. If yes, with who?

Do I really have to answer... it will only make things worse... it's someone on here... that's all I'll say..

12. If yes, do they know?

One of them has an idea... but ignored me and never spoke to me ever again after that.. the other.. well I gave a note about it but never heard from her anymore either... though I can't say that happened in 2015 though,I just let her know in 2015... never heard from her anymore after that...
And one other... no she doesn't know,though I've talked with her about being interested in people,but she doesn't know she was who I was talking about...
People will not ever know unless they "see through me" but others don't know..  And one of someone who's obvious..and I think that she knows how I feel... though again,that didn't happen in 2015... I just never stop loving her... meh why are you asking me this? ><
No one "really" wants me,sheeesh!

13. Are you still in love with them?

Yes... but what do it matter... they don't want me anyway... D':

15. Did you break up with anyone in 2015?

I did not have no relationship since 2014.. and I don't break up with people,they do it to me... 100%
I do have a heart after all... D:

16. Did you make any new friends in 2015?


17. Who are your favorite new friends?

The ones who actually talk with me.... in which,isn't many...

18. What was your favorite month of 2015?

I guess one of the summer months...

19. Did you travel outside of your country of residence in 2015?

No I haven't... never left the country.. though I'm pretty close to one of them...

20. How many different states / provinces did you travel to in 2015?

None... I wanted to though..

21. Did you lose anybody close to you in 2015?

I always loosing people close to me.. I'm one of the most hated people that you'd ever meet..
I know "what you meant" with the question but still..

22. Did you miss anybody in the past year?


23. What was your favorite movie that you saw in 2015?

I don't really have a favorite movie.. I like a lot of them..

24. What was your favorite song from 2015?

I don't know.. I don't really have a favorite song... well I'm into Drill music...

25. What was your favorite album from 2015?

Don't have one...

26. How many concerts did you see in 2015?


27. Did you have a favorite concert in 2015?

I have not been to any...

28. Did you drink a lot of alcohol in 2015?

I don't drink... I care too much about my body to damage it with that..

29. Did you do a lot of drugs in 2015?

I don't do drugs.. barely prescription drugs for that matter...

30. How many people did you sleep with in 2015?

Ha! Are you kidding...!?

31. Did you do anything you are ashamed of this year?

I'm ashamed of being alone...

33. What was the worst lie someone told you in 2015?

Lying isn't something that's really done by me... hence why people don't like me...

35. Did somebody treat you badly in 2015?

Yes... many of people... many of people on HERE! Many people as I type this... do I list them all on here,I don't think we have enough KBs to cover that...
Pretty much anyone who ignored me (to those of you that wants to know "parts" of what's wrong with me...)
*Thinks of the song from Chip Skylard...* D'X

36. How much money did you spend in 2015?

More than you have,I'm sure of that.. check the driveway..

37. What was your proudest moment of 2015?


38. What was your most embarrassing moment of 2015?

I don't really have many embarrassing moments,I'm boring...

39. If you could go back in time to any moment of 2015 and change something what would it be?

Take back ever telling this (or these) friend(s) that I was interested in them... maybe they would have continued to talked with me...
Though I don't typically regreat letting people know such things.. I regret more "not" saying anything... but too many people ignores me and that hurts me..

40. What are your plans for 2016?

I plan to have love in my life so I will actually smile again (one of those who I'm interested in).... however that isn't meant to be... so why bother..

I hope that you had fun reading.. because I didn't have fun doing it..

Now I will be gone,so I will see the messages awaiting for me about this one...
For all other messages.. I will reply to them later on when I am home again...
  • Mood: Hopeless
  • Listening to: Drill Scene Music
  • Reading: My journal..
  • Watching: This monitor at the moment.
  • Playing: Phantasy Star Online 2 / FFXI / Audition / GTAV
  • Eating: N/A
  • Drinking: N/A


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Notice to visitors:
Like I mentioned before,I will not ever leave deviantART... but until further notice,as of November 15th,2010,I will not be on to comment,reply or anything else for a while... but feel free to donate me some points for when I come back,please!?
Thank you. :thanks:

Please just give me time... I need to sort things out within myself that will never be sorted out.


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I will also "create-a-character" (Usually a Mobian) for anyone as well too. Something like "Adoption" accept I create your character(s) fresh!

Commission Others -
(I love to see what others (and you) can do with their art skills and draw my characters in their art style)

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Donating points to me helps others out who needs the help,rather it's me or another in need.

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Deep "D" and just lonely..  All most people ever do on here is ignore you and then "others" (many times guilty of doing it themselves) try to make excuses for them while at the same time making me feel bad about it as they make them be in the "ok" about it to do it,but make me to be "wrong" to speak on my feelings about it and talk down on me for being ignored...
Then despite all of that,people seems to never understand why I feel bad all of the time despite I say what's wrong all of the time...

Anyway...Goodnight... not like "most" will even pay attention or care anyway... most don't care if I'm dead or alive anyway... that's a fact... a fact that can be proven..

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